Rabbit Control

Project Platypus are specialists in delivering rabbit control.

We are based in Stawell and operate around Western Victoria. We are an accredited commercial operator for chemical services and place particular emphasis on controlling rabbits in an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner.


  • Fumigation: warren entrances are located and sealed off after application of fumigant tab
  • Harbour destruction: we work with machinery contractors (excavator/bulldozer/tractor + ripper) to collapse rabbit harbours (warrens). Destruction of rabbit warrens is a necessary activity when delivering integrated rabbit management.
  • Poison: summer control programs using pindone oat baits

Equipment we use

  • Motorised smoker
  • Excavator access
  • GPS/GIS data collection equipment
Rabbit warrens visible within trail riding areas on the Stawell Pony Club grounds.
Rabbit warrens visible within trail riding areas on the Stawell Pony Club grounds.

Staff expertise

  • Cumulative 50+ yrs experience in natural resource management.
  • All crew members have ACUP + 1080/PAPP endorsement (22516VIC)
  • Commercial Operators License


  1. Submit Expression of Interest

    Via phone, email or the online EOI form, available below. Site information required includes area/size of infestation, and estimated rabbit numbers/number of entrances. The more information we have when planning invasive rabbit control, the better we can cater the methods to the specific infestation.

  2. Site visit

    Conducted by our team to map the area and confirm extent of infestation, and any special considerations (such as access, land uses, neighbours, topography)

  3. Create works plan

    Works plan provided to client, including most appropriate treatment options and explaination of costs.

  4. Works scheduled

    Timing will be determined by the selected treatment options and their seasonal suitability.

  5. Works delivered

    A crew of 2 - 4 staff will treat the target warrens using the appropriate methods.

  6. Customer invoiced

  7. Feedback collected

Case studies

Submit an EOI

Please provide information about the site requiring rabbit control, including area/size of infestation, access, land use/livestock, and any long term aim/goal of treatment.