For Educators

Project Platypus is helping train our next generation of landcarers.

We are proud to offer enriching educational experiences designed to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of our natural environment among students. Through hands-on experiences such as tree planting days and biodiversity surveys, we aim to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards. Check out our iNaturalist project to see what our budding citizen scientists are contributing!


  • Incursions for local schools: We are available to visit to schools within our catchment to discuss a range of biodiversity and conservation topics that can be tailored to your curriculum, as well as to assist students plan their own conservation projects around their school.
  • Excursions for local schools: We provide many opportunities for our local schools to participate in field trips where students can contribute to hands-on conservation projects like revegetation, biodiversity surveys and weed control.
  • Excursions for visiting schools: While priority is given to our local schools, we have some capacity to offer conservation focused experiences to visiting schools. Visiting school groups must provide their own transportation to and from activity sites.

Submit an EOI

Please provide the following information:

  • The school you represent
  • The proposed dates of your visit, along with the duration of activity sessions you are seeking
  • The location where you will be staying
  • The number of students involved and grade levels represented
  • Are you contacting us as a member of the school, or as a third party outdoor educational experience provider, or similar?
  • Do you have your own mode of transportation for taking students to and from activity sites?
  • You may also provide us information on your current curriculum focus