Every gift to Project Platypus helps fund projects that protect animals, habitats, and humanity across the Upper Wimmera Catchment. However, it is the most remarkable gift of all – a gift in your Will – that opens new doors. Bequests help us to commit to long-term projects, and expand our capacity to meet the challenges our region faces.

At this critical moment for our environment, a legacy of protection, preservation and care for the natural world can be your gift to nature and to the future.

It’s simple to include a bequest.

All your solicitor needs is our ABN 59 631 244 284 and registered name – Project Platypus Association INC. Even a gift of 1% of your estate to Project Platypus will protect the environment you care about and ensure your loved ones are still provided for.

Five easy steps to make a bequest

It’s easy to include a gift in your Will - legally known as a ‘bequest’. You can leave a bequest with nothing more than your signature. And you can still ensure your family and friends are provided for. To leave a bequest, follow the steps below

1. Speak to your family and loved ones

Making or updating your Will is an incredibly personal and significant decision. Consider your family and friends. Reflect on leaving a gift to Project Platypus – even a small share of what's left after your loved ones are provided for will help to protect the environment you love – and discuss your decision with your loved ones, sharing your vision for the future with them.

2. Decide what kind of gift you want to give:

A residual bequest has the greatest impact in the future. You can make a gift of the residue (remainder) of your estate, or a share of the residue, once other specific gifts and expenses have been taken care of. You can also choose to leave a percentage share of your estate or a specific bequest in your Will.

3. Enlist the help of a professional

Your Will is an important legal document, and should be worded correctly to ensure your wishes are carried out. A solicitor or public trustee can help you with this process.

4. Create your legacy for nature

To include a gift to Project Platypus, all you need is our ABN 59 631 244 284 and registered name – Project Platypus Association INC. You may wish to use our recommended wording: I give to Project Platypus Association INC (ABN59 631 244 284) free of all taxes and other deductions (the residue of my estate / a ___% share of my estate / the sum of $___) for its general purposes, and the receipt given on behalf of Project Platypus Association INC Australia shall be sufficient discharge to my trustee.

5. Please let us know

Please contact us to share your intentions so that we can thank you for protecting wildlife and the natural world into the future. Contact our Manager on 03 5358 4410 or email