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The Future of Landcare in the Upper Wimmera

Building a shared conservation vision and creating opportunities for community to contribute meaningfully to conservation

Western Victoria is the home of Landcare. Our area has seen 30+ years of habitat protection, creation and sustainable farming thanks to hundreds of passionate local volunteers. In that time, the focus of Landcare has shifted, from urgent repair of land through erosion, water quality, and reforestation projects, to sustainable farming, wildlife conservation, and the creation of landscape wide habitat corridors. Where is Landcare in the Upper Wimmera going next?

This project lays groundwork for the next phase of Landcare by evaluating where we stand now through citizen science surveys, and building a shared plan across our groups to move forward.

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What we are doing

Citizen science training

We will be running several training sessions open to the public to build a 'citizen scientist' team across the Upper Wimmera. This will include how to use free identification and reporting resources such as iNaturalist, as well as sessions on learning to spot local species of birds, frogs, insects and more.

Strategic landscape-wide planning

We will be bringing each of our Landcare groups together into a unified team. between our groups, to achieve shared goals around reconnecting native habitat across our landscape.