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Seasonal Weed Control at Stawell Quarry

Working with quarries

We're managing the weeds at the Stawell Quarry to ensure their product isn't contaminated and their site limits the spread of weeds.

The Stawell Quarry provides basalt stone for various projects across the region including roads and railway. Throughout the year Project Platypus deliver weed control to ensure weed contamination of their product is managed to limit the spread of weeds. Project Platypus have created a control plan for the business to manage annual grasses and broadleaf weeds are controlled throughout the year. Species like capeweed, thistle, wild mustard and annual grasses are controlled through the year.


Conundrum Holdings

Stawell Quarry staff planting and guarding trees and shrubs
Stawell Quarry staff planting and guarding trees and shrubs
  1. Submit Expression of Interest

    Enquiry received into delivering some weed control due to another local contractor closing business.

  2. Site visit

    Our crew attends an induction to be able to deliver work on site

  3. Works plan developed

    Discussions held to develop a control works plan for the site taking into account the needs of the business. Seasonal work scheduled.

  4. Works scheduled and delivered

    Some initial weed control delivered.

  5. Ongoing monitoring

    Ongoing discussions with the site manager to identify when weeds are up on site, including further site visits by Project Platypus crew as needed

  6. Works delivered as necessary

    Control delivered seasonally when needed, based on ongoing monitoring by site manager and Project Platypus crew.

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Lachlan McIntyre

Projects Manager