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2023 Annual Community Plantout

Revegetating with the local community

Every year, Project Platypus brings the community together in a massive plant out event.

This year we transformed 16 hectares of cleared land at the foot of Gariwerd (Grampians National Park) by planting 6500 native, endemic tree and shrub seedlings with the generous help of 55 community volunteers. The planting took place across two beautiful winter days during winter, with kangaroos and emus watching from the neighboring national park.

Volunteers assembling tree guards around the campfire at the 2023 community plant out.
Volunteers assembling tree guards around the campfire at the 2023 community plant out.
WOW… what an amazing weekend! There was a feeling of being overawed at the changed landscape afterwards. There was an enormous amount of organisation to pull it all together. The weekend was extremely well run and the volunteers had a lot of enjoyment from participating. It was an extraordinary and heart warming journey. It is impossible to say thank you enough to Project Platypus, Jallukar Landcare Group and all the fantastic people who have made the new beginning for this land possible.

Margot Galletly - Board Member and Jallukar Landcare Member

  1. Submit Expression of Interest

    Landholder flagged interest in getting assistant with revegetation plans via the local landcare group.

  2. Site visit

    Determining the area, topography, soil type, ecological vegetation class and species present on site including pest species.

  3. Works plan developed and finalised

    Site preparation requirements listed and appropriate plant species selected. Appropriate funding sources identified and necessary landholder contribution calculated.

  4. Plants ordered

    Order placed with local nurseries and online suppliers for plants, guards, stakes and browsing deterrent.

  5. Site preparation

    Landholder prepared site by ripping planting lines

  6. Planting event organized

    A community Plantout event was advertised via social media and Landcare communication networks. The local Landcare group was organised to assist with catering.

  7. Planting

    The Community Plantout weekend successfully run with 55 volunteers. 6500 plants were put in the ground.

  8. Post planting evaluation

    Follow up site visit conducted after XXX days to evaluate success of the planting event and determine post planting maintenance required.

  9. Follow up maintenance

    Landowner delivering necessary maintenance, including reguarding seedlings as needed and controlling grazing pests.

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Mark McLean