Other publications

    For an overview of the organisation and the network read Project Platypus – about us. Other publications include the collaborative Grampians to Pyrenees Biolink Conservation Action Plan with its vision of  ‘A healthy and connected landscape between the Grampians (Gariwerd) and Pyrenees that supports our people and our biodiversity.’  The history of the organisation can be read in Project Platypus – the journey with the bold original aim to  “To improve land and water quality in the Upper Wimmera River Catchment, so achieving enhanced biodiversity, a sustainable catchment and a sustainable catchment community.”  The most up-to-date plan for our icon species is Platypus recovery in the Mt Cole creek: a community-lead comprehensive approach to restoring landscape function to bring back an Icon species and it aims “…to build a comprehensive-catchment approach to return the Mt Cole Creek and its catchment to a functioning, productive healthy waterways over the next 10 years.”