Jallukar Landcare group

Jallukar Landcare contact

President: Glenda Lewin
Telephone: 0409 423 827

Email: glenda.lewin@gmail.com

Secretary: Jill Miller
Email: jillmichael@internode.on.net

The Jallukar Landcare group’s area covers the Mt William catchment. It extends from the Jallukar forest from the South, Mt Drummond and Lake Lonsdale to the North, Pomonal and surrounds to the West and to the foothills of the Black Range to the East. Jallukar Landcare group members come from a range of diverse back grounds, large farming families, life style landholders and week enders. For 20 years the enthusiastic group have been involved in a range of projects on private and public land to help make the Jallukar Landcare area a more sustainable landscape. The group have been involved with planting trees for revegetation in nature corridors, saline areas, creek lines and shelter belts. These areas are fenced to protect them from grazing stock. Other projects have been pasture renovation and the restoration and beautification of Millers Creek in the township of Pomonal. For many years rabbits and weeds have been an issue, the group have carried out extensive work to control these pests. The persistence and diligence of the group has resulted in a reduction of problem weed species and pest animals in the area. The group meet every second month (bimonthly). Group meetings are held in member’s homes and usually involve a guest speaker or sometimes a tour. Meetings are organised to engage people in a social and friendly atmosphere.