Great Western Landcare Group

Great Western Landcare contacts

President: Mark Kindred
Telephone: 0411 447 127


The Great Western Landcare Group has been in operation for 20 years and has been involved with many projects that protect and enhance the Landcare area. Our group has worked extensively on pest plants and animals, spraying weeds, reducing rabbit populations and controlling fox numbers before they become a financial and environmental burden. The Great Western Landcare group can assist Landholders with erosion control work, planting trees for revegetation, and fencing initiatives to protect creek lines and remnant vegetation from stock.

The Great Western Landcare Group would like to continue with revegetation projects to re-establish vital habitat shelter belts, and join them with existing patches of vegetation.

Our group can organise guest speakers and workshops, providing the latest sustainable farming and land management techniques for farmers, and help ‘lifestyle landholders’ learn more about environmental issues in the area.

The Great Western Landcare Group would like to invite Landholders that live, or own land in the area to join our group. Our meetings and working bees are run in a friendly and social environment.

If you’re a farmer or a ’lifestyle landholder’ and you would like to speak to us about any environmental issues, please call the Great Western Landcare Group executives.