Elmhurst Landcare Group

Elmhurst Landcare contacts

President: Ben Greene
Telephone: 0427 504 280
Email: millbanksfarms@bigpond.com

Secretary: Geoff Penna
Telephone: 0438 522 375
Email: penna.elmhurst@gmail.com

The Elmhurst Landcare Group was formed in 1988. The Landcare area covers a picturesque 22,000 ha area located at the headwaters of the Wimmera River between the Pyrenees Ranges to the north of the township, and Mt. Cole State Forest to the south. The group’s members comprise of farmers, life style landholders, retired and semi-retired people, anglers and other interested community members, who are all motivated by their desire to address environmental issues.

Elmhurst Landcare has been involved with many land management projects. The group have held several successful ‘Rabbit Busters’ campaigns, which have been coordinated and run independently by the group. The group have been involved with projects that improve pastures and establish perennial pasture species. They have addressed erosion, salinity and a decline in vegetation. Revegetation has been achieved by direct seeding and planting of tube stock and to promote natural regeneration.

Land class fencing has been used to protect land from further degradation. Steep hill country, river flats and creek systems have been fenced off to control grazing. Remnant vegetation has also been fenced to protect it from grazing pressure. These rehabilitation projects have been part of an integrated approach involving many landholders in the Elmhurst Landcare area.

Several subcommittees to deal with these Land management issues have been established to maintain ongoing maintenance of waterways, pest plants and animals and revegetation programs.

The Elmhurst Landcare group often have information sessions, workshops and guest speakers, to help Landholders develop their skills in natural resource and business management, chemical use and farm productivity.

If you would like to know more about the Elmhurst Landcare group or discuss an issue in your area, please contact the executives.