Crowlands – Warrak Landcare Group

Crowlands -Warrak Landcare contacts

President: Mark McKew

Telephone: 0408 132 137

Secretary: Sally Buckingham

Telephone: 0419 525 502

Crowlands -Warrak Landcare group are a farming based Landcare group, with an interest in sustainable agriculture. The Crowlands Landcare group have several dedicated members that have ensured extensive pest plant and animal control work. Rabbit Warren destruction through ripping followed by effective fumigation and 1080 poison campaigns including fox control, have kept pest animal numbers at a low manageable level. Crowlands Landcare group members have pursued with problem weeds in the area, like Spiny Rush, Sweet Briar and Horehound. The group own their own spray trailer and have carried out a lot of the on ground work themselves. Trial plots of pasture grasses have been tested in Crowlands to determine the best species for this district. The Crowlands Landcare group have hosted several “Plant Out” events over the years in the Crowlands district. Members of the Landcare group have planted thousands of trees for biodiversity, agro forestry and erosion control. Group members and Landholders have fenced off rivers and creeks to control stock grazing. Crowlands Landcare Group regularly runs workshops, training sessions, and information seminars with guest speakers, and tours of farming related industries. The group usually meet at the Crowlands Hall on a bimonthly basis.