Concongella Landcare Group

Concongella Landcare contact

President: Huib Ottow
Telephone: 0458 469 774

Secretary/Treasurer: Mark McLean
Telephone: 0438 044 761

The Concongella Landcare group covers a large area between Stawell and Landsborough and from Campbell’s Bridge to Bulganna. The group are comprised of mainly farming families, there is a strong focus on sustainable agriculture, with pest plants and animals mainly rabbit control being high on the list of priorities. Actions taken by group individuals with blanket control campaigns are helping to keep rabbit numbers down. The ongoing control of problem weeds is recognised as being an important project for the group. They have purchased their own spray trailer for Landcare members to use and have seen encouraging results over the last couple of years in the Concongella Landcare group area. Pasture establishment has been completed by a majority of landholders in the group. The control and reclamation of erosion is the main focus in the Aston’s scour catchment. The group have been involved with large scale tree planting on the steep slopes around the Concongella hill, the group’s success can be measured by what were once bald windswept slopes are now healthy forests, covered and stabilised by trees. Most recently the group have been trialling cover cropping.

If you would like to join the Concongella Landcare group or find out more information about any of the above projects please contact the group’s executives.