Black Range Land Management Group

Black Range Land Management Group contact

President: Mick Douglas

Secretary: Noelene Gration

Telephone: 0408 218 954


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The Black Range Land Management Group are named after the granite range that runs south east of the township of Stawell. The group is made up predominantly of lifestyle landholders, and some small farming blocks. The longstanding group have been confronted with many issues over the last couple of decades. Fire has affected the Black Range several times in the past decade; much of the landscape is recovering. The prevention of erosion is a concern to landholders affected by fire. Past projects have featured exclusion plots to determine the impact rabbits and large populations of kangaroos are having on native plant species. The plots have been planted with rare localised shrubs to act as seed banks to assist with restoring understorey species. The group have been involved with bandicoot recovery projects, building artificial bandicoot refuges. Large scale fox control activities have been carried out and the control of rabbits has been an ongoing issue for landholders in this area. Large scale connectivity corridors, planted by the group have seen the successful regeneration of the granite slopes around the Black Range.

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