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It’s easy to become involved. Here are some suggestions:
Or just drop into our office for a chat and find out what we do at 11a Ararat Road, Stawell or phone 5358 4410.

platypus monitoring program

Over the last 5 years cesar has worked together with the Wimmera Catchment Management Authority and Project Platypus to conduct intensive research and population surveys of platypuses in the Wimmera Catchment. While a lot of vital information has been gathered over this time, it’s clear that if we want to improve management and conservation outcomes for the platypus we need to know more about their current and historic distribution.

This is where you come in! We’re asking everyone to play a role in the conservation of this iconic species. If you’ve been lucky enough to see a platypus, jump onto the new website ( and let us know.

This website, developed by cesar and Melbourne Water, allows you to submit your sightings, upload a photo, view sightings in your local area, learn about platypuses, and interact with other ‘platypusSPOTters’. Your information will contribute to a better understanding of platypus distribution and enable more effective conservation of this unique Australian animal.

We look forward to your feedback and seeing your contributions to!

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join your local landcare group

Set aside a few hours a month to care for your local park, bushland, beach, river or creek. There may already be a Landcare, or Bushcare group in your area who would welcome your helping hands. Anyone can volunteer. It doesn’t matter what your skills, experience or background are, or how much time you have to give. Even if you only have a couple of hours a week to spare. To find your local group call our office on 5358 4410.


Volunteer for planting events. Project Platypus together with local landcare groups hosts a series of plantout weekends over the month of July and we welcome and encourage members of  the community to pitch in and help plant trees. Planting trees contributes to biodiversity, provides habitat, reduces salinity and creates shelter for livestock. And it is a lot of FUN! For more information contact our office on 5358 4410

corporate support and donations

There are plenty of ways for you or your company to support us.
For more information contact us on 5358 4410.

join our online community

Find out about the difference Project Platypus makes. And be sure to share our stories with all your friends – just one click can make a big difference.

southern brown bandicoot recovery program

Project Platypus has been intensively surveying the Black Range near Stawell to ascertain the presence of Southern Brown Bandicoots, with no success, it can be proven fairly conclusively that the Bandicoots are locally extinct.
We need your eyes. If you see or have seen the Southern Brown Bandicoot please contact our office on 5358 4410.