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    Project Platypus has a long history of supporting our local community in revegetation and the protection of existing native vegetation in the upper Wimmera catchment. Planting local native species and protecting remnant vegetation are key activities to achieving our mission statement “…to improve the environmental health of the Upper Wimmera Catchment while maintaining and improving productivity.” Establishing new areas of native vegetation and protecting what is left has real benefits to farm productivity and the health of our local ecosystem to support a natural diversity of native plants and animals.

    We are always keen to hear from landholders that are interested in planting local species on their property. All our revegetation and remnant protection work is funded through external funding sources usually in the form of state or federal government grants. Our ability to fund revegetation and remnant protection is constantly changing depending on funding sources and project prescriptions. In some circumstances, funding will be targeted to specific geographic areas or ecological vegetation classes, limiting where we can fund project activities. If you are interested in getting financial assistance to plant local species on your property or fence off an area of native vegetation please contact the Project Platypus office and will assess your project for suitability and possible funding.

    Interested in undertaking tree planting projects on your land?
    Download information and application form. (pdf, 481kbs).

    What your project might look like

    • A shelter belt that links patches of vegetation
    • A corridor of vegetation along an existing or new  fence line
    • Revegetation of a steep rocky outcrop
    • Revegetation of areas with low production value
    • Fencing remnant vegetation to control stock movement
    • Protection of a group of paddock trees or establishment of more paddock trees
    • Remnant vegetation enquires are welcomed even if an area is partly or wholly fenced

    Steps to fund your revegetation project

    • Call Project Platypus to register your interest on 5358 4410.
    • A staff member will arrange a site visit to your property to discuss and assess your project
    • If we can fund your project with our current funding resources we will develop a funding agreement to be signed by both parties to formalise the project.
    • Once the agreement is signed, you receive 50% of your funding
    • Site preparation is undertaken by the landholder (this may include: spraying, ripping & fencing your project site). Landholders may utilise works crews through the Victorian Department of Corrections  Landmate program to run wires and put in steel post and complete the fence once corner / end assemblies have been installed by the landholder. Contact the Project Platypus office for more information and scheduling for the Landmate crews.
    • Project Platypus arranges to have your trees planted, and the remainder of your funding is received once the project is assessed as being completed to standard.

    For further information, call 5358 4410.

    The Economic Benefits of Native Shelter Belts

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  1. Paddock Trees (pdf, 659kbs)
  2. Reveg Calendar (pdf, 841kbs)