moyston landcare group

Moyston Landcare contacts

President: Margaret Hill

Secretary: Rosie Nater
Telephone: 0427329468

Moyston Landcare group work with and support all Landholders in the Moyston Landcare area from large farming enterprises to smaller ‘lifestyle’ Landholders. The group organise a broad range of activities, for example working bees on local reserves, we plant trees to create corridors for wildlife and increase farm productivity, and go on walks to identify native grasses and local wild flowers. The Moyston Landcare group apply for grants to carry out environmental work on behalf of Moyston Landcare members and Landholders. This work involves managing rabbit populations; fox control and weed eradication with a focus on new and emerging weeds to the area. The group coordinate this type of work with public land managers to complement one another. The Moyston Landcare group link Landholders with relevant agencies, they often have information seminars, group training sessions and organise guest speakers to educate and encourage sustainable farming techniques. The group are always keen to trial new and innovative solutions.

“We are working towards improving the landscape, the environment and increase farm productivity.”

If you are interested in joining the Moyston Landcare group or would like to discuss an environmental issue, please contact the Moyston Landcare group executives, they are more than happy to lend a hand.