A movie night for a brighter future. What is your 2040?


As an initiative of Project Platypus Upper Wimmera Landcare Network, and with the support of Ararat Landcare Group, Upper Hopkins Land Management Group, Beyond Bolac Catchment Action Group and Grampians Pyrenees Primary Care Partnership, the hybrid documentary 2040 was brought to the big screen at the Astor Theatre in Ararat. The event held on July 30th was well supported with approximately 100 people attending. The movie shed light on the climate change mitigation technologies that we can develop and implement now to produce a better future, full of possibilities. The movie provided examples of hope such as: a community in Bangladesh that shared solar energy to avoid the need for a large provider; a project of sequestering carbon through ‘farming’ sea-weed which could grow by half a metre per day; and farmers that were using regenerative agriculture to grow healthier soil, crops and livestock – which also helped store carbon. There were poignant moments in the film where the camera focused on children’s faces as they spoke about their hopes for the future. The raw honesty from the children made the audience aware of the need for climate action now. To live in hope is to take decisive action. What is your 2040?