Grampians to Pyrenees Biolink Plan Launched

On the 9th of June 2016 a group of 40 interested people gathered in Halls Gap to celebrate the project’s achievements and officially launch the “Grampians to Pyrenees Biolink Conservation Action Plan”. This plan articulates the project’s vision of “A healthy and connected landscape between the Grampians (Gariwerd) and Pyrenees that supports our people and our biodiversity”.
The plan also;

Provides strategic context for the Grampians to Pyrenees Biolink from an ecological and stakeholder organisation perspective.
Defines the project area and priority functional zones within it, that have larger-scale functional value, and could provide a framework for ongoing finer-scale project definition and planning
Defines and identifies key ecological and functional assets that were considered to represent the range of biodiversity and functional processes supporting biodiversity, in the region.
Identifies key threats to the assets and actions to address threats
Provides key strategic recommendations for the implementation of the G2P project.

This document has been produced by Central Victorian Biolinks Group, commissioned by Project Platypus through funding from the Australian Government. Please click HERE to access this document. It is intended that this document be used by Natural Resource Management organisations who are interested in working towards the objectives as outlined in the plan. Please make contact with Project Platypus to discuss in further detail as needed.